Sunday 10th December 2023

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Tact Trial Results – Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy for heart and vascular disease is an exciting but controversial alternative therapy that has been shown to be safe and effective by TACT (the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy).

TACT was a 7 year placebo controlled clinical trial funded by the NIH and carried out by university cardiologists and Chelation Doctors from the USA and Canada.

The randomized double blind study compared patients who were treated with Chelation to those without Chelation. The study showed important improvement in patients who had previous heart attacks and were already under cardiology treatment and especially those with diabetes.

There were 18% fewer cardiac events in the Chelation treated group and 39% fewer cardiac events in diabetics. The group treated with Chelation had fewer subsequent surgeries than those who received the placebo.  These findings were statistically significant, and unexpected by most cardiologists.

The participants in the clinical trial were 82 percent male, 94 percent Caucasian and about half were obese. All of the subjects had experienced a previous heart attack, 83 percent had already had either bypass surgery, stent implant or balloon angioplasty. Thirty-two percent had diabetes, 68 percent had high blood pressure and 73 percent had been prescribed cholesterol lowering statins.  The trial was performed in 134 clinics in the USA and Canada from 2002-2011.

At a press conference for the AHA, Paul Armstrong said that TACT was a response to an unusual situation. On the one hand, most physicians and scientists have dismissed Chelation therapy as lacking any evidence or rationale. On the other hand, Chelation therapy is strongly supported by the alternative medicine community and an estimated 100,000 people already receive Chelation therapy each year.

This is a positive development for all who practice Chelation therapy. The study shows that Chelation is safe if properly administered and those who practice Chelation can now show that there is scientific support for using Chelation. It is thought that to some Doctors who have been sitting on the fence it might be sufficient scientific rationale to offer the treatment to their patients with informed consent.

Notes on Absorption: IV Chelation is injected directly into the vein so obviously has a 100% absorption rate, however liquids taken by mouth have now been shown to provide up to a 95% absorption which is up to ten times more than pills or capsules.

Many studies have taken place on absorption, and the outcome is that liquids far outweigh pill based products. One of the most referred to statements is in the Physician’s Desk Reference, page 1542. In this widely used medical reference book, it is stated that liquids can be absorbed up to 98% against the absorption rate of pills or capsules being 5% – 18%.

Cardio Renew is an oral liquid product and contains the same EDTA as used in the above study.